JEE Mains and Advanced: Best books

The prescribed syllabus for JEE Main and Advanced is enormous to say the least and spans across three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. On an average more than 15 lakh students attempt the examination on a yearly basis, and it comes as no surprise that everyone is looking for the best methods of studying and trying to finding the best books for JEE Main and Advanced. For efficient time management you need to know what to study and from where to study. Or else you will be stuck with a library of  books that claim their authenticity and supremacy.

Title: Concepts of Physics (Vol I & II)
Author: H.C.Verma
H. C. Verma, Physics for JEE Mains and Advanced

Concepts of Physics (Vol I & II) by H.C.Verma  is an all-inclusive book that targets to meet the needs 10 + 2 or higher secondary students and for the students who are appearing for a competitive examination. Numerical exercises inundate the book for a better understanding of the subject. It has everything a student would possibly need for their success in exams.


Title: Physics MCQ
Author: Deb Mukherji
Problems for JEE Advanced Physics

Physics Multiple Choice Question Bank by Dr. D Mukherjee is designed to help any candidate answering competitive examinations like Mains and Advanced. The book contains various multiple choice questions that a student can work on in order to build his knowledge in the subject. It also includes various miscellaneous questions and worksheets on physics to build a candidate’s efficiency in the test.


Title: Fundamentals of Physics
Author: David Halliday, Robert Resnick & Jearl Walker
JEE Advanced Physics
Resnik Halliday Walker for JEE Advanced

Fundamentals of Physics by David Halliday, Robert Resnick and Jearl Walker provides problem–solving tactics to help solve problems and avoid common errors. It aids understanding of fundamental physics concepts, and helps apply this conceptual understanding to quantitative problem solving.


Title: Mathematics for JEE (Cengage Publication)
Author: Ghanshyam Tewani
JEE-Mains-Advanced- Cengage-Mathematics
Mathematics for JEE Mains (and Advanced)

Mathematics for JEE (Cengage Publication) by Ghanshyam Tewani features all types of problems and updated archives (Up-to-date Previous Years’ Questions). It provides exercises and problems with detailed solutions. They also Include access to free tests available on Android and Web. These tests are based on previous years’ question papers.  


Title: Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics
Author: A. Das Gupta
A Das Gupta for JEE Advavced

Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics by A.Das Gupta contains a large number of problems which test the student’s ability to apply fundamental concepts in new situations. The main features of this book are:Each chapter begins with a summary of facts, formulate and working techniques. Trick, tips and techniques have been clearly marked with an icon.


Title: Complete (Comprehensive) Mathematics: JEE Mains (Advanced)
Author: McGraw Education
JEE Mathematics TMH
Tata Mc Graw Hill for JEE Mains and Advanced Mathematics

Complete (Comprehensive) Mathematics: JEE Mains (Advanced) judiciously combines theory and practice, with the right emphasis on solved examples and exercises. The entire syllabus is covered in 25 chapters which adhere strictly to the current pattern of the examinations.


Title: Concepts for Numerical Chemistry for JEE
Author: P. Bahadur
Physical Chemistry JEE Mains and Advanced
Physical Chemistry JEE Mains and Advanced P Bahadur

Concepts for Numerical Chemistry for Main and Advanced and all Other Engineering Entrance Examinations, authored by Dr. P. Bahadur, is a useful guide for students specializing in numerical chemistry. It comprises of JEE model test papers.


Title: Organic Chemistry for JEE – Main & Advanced
Author: M. S. Chouhan
Solomon for JEE Mains and Advanced

Organic Chemistry for Main & Advanced by M.S.Chouhan is aimed at the three problem areas of Organic Chemistry – problem-solving, visualization of structures and understanding of mechanisms. The well-illustrated reactions with elaborate and step wise explanation of their mechanisms combined with a concise and easy-to-understand text help students master the basic concepts of the subject.


Title: J.D.Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for JEE (Main & Advanced)
Author: Sudarshan Guha
Inorganic Chemistry JEE Mains Advanced

Concise Inorganic Chemistry for Main & Advanced, by Sudarshan Guha provides an excellent explanation of theoretical concepts and practical applications related to inorganic chemistry.The book is especially relevant for those preparing for competitive exams and makes it a point to cover all the kinds of questions that could be asked. The text focuses on not just single and multiple choice questions, but also on matrix matching and comprehension questions


Title: 37 Years Chapter wise Solved Main and Advanced Papers (Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics)
Previous Year Solved Papers IIT Main and Advanced

37 Years Chapter wise Solved Papers (Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics) covers the complete syllabus of JEE Mains and Advanced. All the previous years’ questions along with their authentic & accurate solutions have been given chapter wise in this book. Also necessary study material required for comprehensive understanding has been included in each chapter in the books.


An alumnus of IIT Bombay himself, Bhanu Pratap has spent more than five years coaching students for IIT. In his new role as Product Manager at Plancess, Bhanu is helping us create a platform that can provide the student the experience of a personal tutor. In his spare time he likes sharing his vision and experience through blogs.

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