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Soon it would be almost a year since I last entered a classroom full of over enthused and disinterested students, waiting for me to make an attempt to teach them Physics. With some exceptions of course! Interesting profession it is, teaching, I tell you. Time stands still, like you were stuck in a three dimensional limbo. And everything in your life seems to have slowed down, or maybe it was so only for me. Well I could go on about teaching and the effects it can have on your life, but let’s try to stay close to our undefined subject here. * ignore this – best engineering colleges *

For me, the most interesting observation, in those four year of teaching for competitive exams, was that the brightest and the not so bright, all had the same doubt. They were all worried about accidentally not opting for the best possible option that might be available to them. Irrespective of which band-gap their options lay in. The band-gap I talk of is of course the one that is created by the scores they obtain or have the credibility of obtaining.

And while I pretended to be the expert and advised as best I could, I often wondered what the answer to that question was. The question being that of finding the course/college of utmost suitability for a certain individual. I searched and googled, and then I did that some more, only to find an innumerable number of unfathomably useless career counselling websites and companies trying to pose as someone with a solution. And for some reason, along with their utterly useless but sellable solution, they also had a vision. Everybody has a vision these days!
* ignore this – best engineering colleges *

Now today, since I am having a not so busy day, I decided to waste a few bytes of the gargantuan cyber space with some of my unwarranted thoughts about the same questions. My seniors at work might not be very happy about this decision but I am already too committed to it. And what is work, if not a attempt to solve some the problems of the not so fortunate sections of society. And who really is more unfortunate than your typical high school student.

So, the problem, and if you really think about it, you would realise, that this really is, in fact, the real problem. So the problem, that i should have already mentioned in the last sentence, is that, we believe, or rather falsely believe, or in fact have been made to believe by what we have been witnessing all out life, is that, what I am about to tell you. BTW, build ups are hard if all you have is words. So, anyway, the problem is our belief that we need experts to solve a problem. Or more specifically, that, the experts need to be bred from childhood, in the field which they eventually are to become an expert of. * ignore this – best engineering colleges *

Best Engineering Colleges

Now we live in times where any attribute of one’s personality can be changed/ removed/ polished/ photoshopped/ underplayed/ glorified and all the other types of etceteras that can be done these days. And these attributes could be as physical as your gender or as tender as your religion. Then why is it so important to have a defined path for a profession? Why can’t all knowledge and skills and abilities be acquired as and when required? Do we actually have professions which require ten years of training? Well if we do, then let’s keep those, which I am sure are very few, if at all they exist, aside. For the rest of them, at least i don’t see the need for this ‘before the job training’ which we call ‘higher education’. I’d rather see everyone learn on the job.

But that’s just me and I must mention that I am smart enough to know, that just because I don’t see or understand the need of something, does not imply its irrelevance to all things existing. But I do know that this is an actual and factual and a valid question. And a problem. And an important issue. And is also probably one of the major contributors to everything that is wrong. And I do mean everything. I sometimes go too far. But I do it on purpose I think. * ignore this – best engineering colleges *


P.S. – What starts random, ends random.
P.P.S. – Maybe will talk about the solution on some other ‘not-much-work-today’ kind of a day

An alumnus of IIT Bombay himself, Bhanu Pratap has spent more than five years coaching students for IIT. In his new role as Product Manager at Plancess, Bhanu is helping us create a platform that can provide the student the experience of a personal tutor. In his spare time he likes sharing his vision and experience through blogs.

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