Be an all rounder: JEE and Board Exams

An ideal Cricket team does not comprise eleven batsmen. To have a winning team you need a balance between the number of bowlers and the number of batsmen. Similarly, studying only for JEE, while ignoring your board exams, will not help you win the ‘One-Day’ match of your life- the match that decides which league you will be playing in, for the rest of your life. So, to do well, you have to pay the right amount of attention towards preparation for your Board exams.

Now everybody knows that the focus, determination, hard work and patience required to juggle the preparation of both these significant examinations is nothing less than a skill, but this is a skill you have to master. Now you may have already heard the same advice from many others; but no one really tells you how to do so! Do they? Well in this article, we have made an attempt to advise you, on how to strike a balance between the two.

Try playing the Under Sixteen League

The best way is to start early. So, if you are in Class X or below make sure you have clarity on all concepts that are taught in Infographic3school. We won’t advice you to join any extra classes. But make sure that you understand the concepts being taught rather than just memorizing them. Memorizing and then blindly writing down concepts in exams is what hinders your growth, a devil not many recognize! Also, appearing for exams like NTSE and Olympiads will help you develop competitive skills and adapt to high pressure environment. You can also give your preparation an edge by joining some online test series. 

Make the best of Powerplay

Infographic4It is not uncommon for students to develop a very laid back attitude during class XI. This is because both their significant exams are more than a year ahead. But on the contrary, it is this year that lays down the foundation for JEE syllabus as well as Class XII examination. It is in Class XI that you should cover majority of the JEE syllabus, considering that the following year you will have to focus on board examination and JEE.So focus on grasping concepts and theories and building a concrete path to your desired goal.

Never skip your Fielding Practice

School should never be off your priority list. Try to ensure that you understand everything that is taught in class. In case you Infographic5miss out on something, try to clear it as soon as possible. Also, go through the examples in NCERT textbook. They are very valuable for the preparation of school exam as well as JEE.

If you have joined coaching classes or are preparing for JEE by yourself, you may be ahead of what is being taught at school. Even if that is so, do not snooze when your teacher is explaining concepts that you think you already know all too well. Consider school classes as revision time and make sure you have a thorough understanding of the same.

Play your Ranji Matches

Infographic2Even if you feel you know the topic that your school is testing you on, don’t disregard it. In fact, make the effort to score well in these tests so that you can assess your level of preparation of that particular topic. Moreover, subjective questions asked in school are a better way to test your concepts, so treat school as a practice ground for all competitive exams. And needless to say, it serves as a good practice for your board exams which you won’t get at your coaching classes.

Make a Game Plan

Make a game plan depending upon which above mentioned category you fall into and plan each Infographic1day of the academic year, taking into consideration that you need to divide your time and energy between school and JEE preparation classes. After Sep-Oct, you need to put rigorous efforts in solving practice tests (AITS) for IIT JEE. On the other hand, from mid January till your board exams are over focus a lot more on your Class XI  boards.

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An alumnus of IIT Bombay himself, Bhanu Pratap has spent more than five years coaching students for IIT. In his new role as Product Manager at Plancess, Bhanu is helping us create a platform that can provide the student the experience of a personal tutor. In his spare time he likes sharing his vision and experience through blogs.

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