Tips and Tricks for JEE Mains

Tips and tricks for JEE MAINSJEE is probably one of the toughest exams in India. Determination, Focus and a good amount of expert guidance make aspirants sail through the turbulent sea of the competitive exam. However, toppers always share some tips and tricks that help the next batch of aspirants tackle the exams. We bring to you some indispensable tricks that will surely help you in your preparations for JEE Mains.

  • Time Management

The primary thing to do is manage your time. The huge syllabus needs to be completed. Also, a revision is a must. So, make sure you have a well-planned roster that you follow ardently. Take assistance of an expert, if you must, who can direct you to make a proper study routine. While your mornings will primarily be taken up by the school, try and fit in as many study hours in the evening as possible.

  • Know your syllabus well

Your syllabus shouldn’t be alien to you. We understand that the syllabus is vast. But in order to get a high rank you have to go through all the subjects and try to get a good command over the three of them. To gain mastery, try to study the important topics first and then solve plenty of problems. There are some topics that are more important than the others, get a grasp on them first.

  • Don’t leave out a subject

All the three subjects are equally important. You might have a strong liking for Chemistry, but that doesn’t mean the Physics and Mathematics topic can take a back seat. So when you are making your routine, make sure all the three subjects get equal time.

  • Prepare simultaneously for Boards and JEE Main

A lot of topics for your boards and JEE will be the same. It is advised that you prepare for both of them simultaneously. However, the question paper differ in a number of ways so you have to give equal attention to both of them.

To master the art of solving problems there is just one keyword- PRACTICE,PRACTICE, and PRACTICE. That is what leads to perfection.

The Do’s and Don’ts- Make sure you follow them ardently.

  • Easy first. Attempt the easy questions first. Go for the low-risk more gain format.
  • Be doubly sure before you mark your OMR sheet.
  • Allot the first 5-10 minutes to go through the question paper.
  • Practise JEE Main online mock tests.
  • Don’t start from questions you don’t know.
  • Few sections may be tough. Don’t be upset. Make up in the other parts.
  • Guesswork doesn’t work. You risk the chance of losing out on marks.
  • Don’t be nervous. That won’t help you. Keep calm and have a clear mind.
  • If you are not an adequately equipped in handling computers avoid from sitting for online exams.

JEE is not the end of the world. Never lose hope and remember we believe in you that you can do it. For any help, we are just a click away.

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