Journey to IIT-Bombay

My journey to the IITs like many others has been a rocky road. Paved with innumerable ups and downs, but through the highs and lows the only thing consistent was the glaring halo that encompassed my IIT dream. Let me take you through a short trip down memory lane and run you through my JOURNEY. A journey that made me the man I am today.

I graduated from IIT Bombay in 2012 after securing the 2034th rank. I achieved this rank after giving myself a second chance, so I could build on my confidence. Having extremely limited options in my home town I attended Resonance in order to prepare for the examination. Some personal initiatives I took to help be study better were outlining a rigid study pattern that I diligently followed and made sure that I maintained a proper balance in all the subjects. The study material I referred to was largely the one provided by Resonance and other standard book such as HC Verma, SL Loney to name a few. However, with all the JEE preparation staples and classics the one thing I craved for and thought would improve my learning process was any form of personalised feedback. Not only did my coaching classes lack this sort of feedback but the time it took to get any sort of input was extremely time-consuming. And, the importance of time during this period is something that nobody can compromise on.

If I had to go back and give the 18 year old me any piece of advice it would be to revise properly, no matter how well you think you know the subject matter it is almost never enough. The lack of resources to revise, practice and asses added to my grievances. However, all being said and done I can’t deny that my JEE results lived up to my expectations.

Although, I had no real-life mentor the one thing that kept me going was the intense competition. My goal was clear in my mind – IIT Bombay, and I charged towards it.
As important as it is to balance your studies, it is just as important to incorporate some stress busters. The last thing you want is to crack under pressure. To my good luck, mathematics was my vice, and no prizes for guessing that it was also my favourite subject.
If today I am in a position to share my opinions and story with you is is only because of my never-dying passion and my consistency to pursue it despite the odds.

-Vivek Gupta

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