JEE Mains and Advanced: Best books

The prescribed syllabus for JEE Main and Advanced is enormous to say the least and spans across three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. On an average more than 15 lakh students attempt the examination on a yearly basis, and it comes as no surprise that everyone is looking for the best methods of studying and trying to finding the best books for JEE Main and Advanced. For efficient time management you need to know what to study and from where

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Be an all rounder: JEE and Board Exams

An ideal Cricket team does not comprise eleven batsmen. To have a winning team you need a balance between the number of bowlers and the number of batsmen. Similarly, studying only for JEE, while ignoring your board exams, will not help you win the ‘One-Day’ match of your life- the match that decides which league you will be playing in, for the rest of your life. So, to do well, you have to pay the right amount of attention towards preparation

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