Why So Serious? Coz It’s Happy Engineers Day

Engineering as the ‘Chaar Log’ of our society says is the ultimate job one can get. And, after doing Engineering, all the engineers are in search of those ‘Chaar Log’ who said, Bahot scope hai. Well, No offense to any nerds, Oops! sorry the dedicated engineer, Dedicated! Okay, not playing with words! Simply Engineers! India definitely tops the list when it comes to overrating Engineering. So today let’s help you ease out and show what the ‘Chaar Log’ of Twitter are thinking about ‘India’s Engineer Day’.

Here’s a little scoop and lots of Respect for all the Engineers & Aspiring Engineers and also the ‘Naam ke Engineers’.

#1. As per the latest trend! 

#2. Oh Yes! Just Like Start-up

#3.You All Have Our Pity! 

#4. Coz They Do Engineering First  & Then Do Something Completely Opposite

#5. Okay. Guilty as Charged for saying this to all Engineer Friends! 

Dear Engineers!

Sorry that you have to hear all these every year. You all have become the butt of many jokes. But truly you work, dedication, focus, determination is truly inspiring. Indeed, you all have  great revolutionary ideas in mind, which has changed the world and continues to do so.

Wishing you all a very Happy Engineers Day!


Not an Engineer!


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